How to generate reports in Sophos XG firewall?

 Sophos XG firewall

Hi there, Welcome back with a new article. Today I’ll show you how to generate reports with Sophos XG firewall. Reports are the most valuable thing when we do research about traffic flow in our network. I mainly using Sophos XG firewall for all the explanations in my blog. So let’s get started!

Connect to Sophos xg firewall using Web Interface.

Click the firewall on the left side.

Connect to Sophos using Web Interface.

Goto your first firewall rule and click Edit.

Log firewall traffic

Now you can see the option called “Log Traffic” at the bottom of the page. Mark the tick mark for “Log firewall traffic” and click save.

log firewall traffic

Now click the “Reports” on the left side. This takes some time to show your report details after configuring the above settings on the firewall rule.

configuring sophos xg firewall

Now you can see all the reports for your firewall. They are categorized to separate sections and also able to save them into PDF files, excel files, and other formats. Some of my reports are as follows.

 generating reports with Sophos XG firewall

It’s your time to configure the above things and play with reports!

That’s all for generating reports with Sophos XG firewall. If you have any concerns, comment below. I’ll reply to it as soon as possible.

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