What Is a Computer Network?

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A computer network is made up of two or more computers that are connected to exchange information and resources. Printers and hard drives are examples of the resource.

Today, practically all devices in the world are connected to each other. The Internet is a global network that connects billions of computers and devices.

If you have a router in your home and your computer, television, and other devices are connecting to it to share information, here is an example of an internal network.

And if your home devices are connected to the router, your router is connected to the ISP, and your ISP is connected to another large network. As a result, this network is known as an external network/internet. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, which can provide you with internet access.

A computer network is a collection of networked devices that can interact using such common standards (called protocols). These devices share resources (such as files and printers) and services.

Here’s an example computer network consisting of two computers:

What happens if we want to expand our network? Then we can connect more than two computers using a network device, such as switches or hubs.

Organizations can also use computer networking to manage internal communications systems. Network email can be delivered instantly to all users, voice mail systems can be hosted on the network and made available systemwide, and collaborative scheduling software and program management tools enable employees to coordinate meetings and work activities that maximize effectiveness while also informing managers and coworkers of plans and progress.

Data and File Sharing using computer network

In the past, file-sharing used to be largely about storing documents on floppy disks and physically transferring them to other computers by hand. However, with networking, data may be exchanged instantly throughout the network, whether with one user or hundreds.

Employees from different departments can communicate on files, communicate background information, update spreadsheets, and add and update a single central customer database at the same time without producing contradictory versions.

Sharing of Resources using computer network

Sharing network resources such as printers, dedicated servers, backup systems, input devices, and Internet connections is also possible with computer networking.

Specific equipment, such as scanners, color printers, or high-speed copiers, can be made accessible to all network users at the same time by sharing resources, removing the need for costly redundancies.

 Furthermore, certain shared resources can be directed to deliver papers or findings to the office or department that needs them.

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